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Permanent Residence under the Self-Employed Persons Class 

Canada welcomes successful business people who are seeking new opportunities and challenges. The Self-Employed Persons Class is designed to encourage and facilitate the admission of these individuals. Both the federal and provincial/territorial governments welcome self-employed immigrants and offer services to help them settle in Canada.

Self-employed persons (excluding those destined for Quebec)

Self-employed immigrants must have relevant experience within the five-year period immediately preceding the date of application.

Relevant experience in respect of a self-employed person, means

  • For at least two years in the period beginning five years before the date of application:
    • Self-employment in cultural activities or athletics
    • Participation, at the world-class level, in cultural activities or athletics.


  • No immigration conditions are imposed on this class.
  • Self-employed immigrants must have the experience, intention and ability to:
    • establish a business that will, at a minimum, create an employment opportunity for themselves and that will make a significant contribution to cultural activities or athletics in Canada.

Selection Criteria (excluding those destined for Quebec)

You must first meet the definition of the self-employed persons class to be eligible for assessment against the selection criteria.

If you successfully meet the definition of the self-employed persons class you are applying under, you are then assessed against five selection factors:

  • age,
  • education,
  • official languages,
  • experience, and
  • adaptability.

For each selection factor, a specific number of selection points are allotted. 

The following tables will help you estimate how many points you would earn for each factor. If you have a score lower than a total of 35 points, your application may be refused.

Advantage :

  • Permanent Residence 
  • Short Processing Time : 12-18 months 
  • Suitable for Cultural Experts , Artists and Athletes 

自僱人士計劃 Self -Employed Immigration Program



  • 有文化活動或體育方面的相關經驗 和
  • 願意並能夠為加拿大的文化或體育生活做出重大貢獻

申請時間約35 個月



根據五個選擇標準和計分系統(point- based system)評分並至少獲得 35 分,當中包括學歷、工作經驗、年齡、英語或法語能力和適應性,最高可能分數為 100。


  • 申請人提供的文件
  • 申請人在每個選擇標準下的分數
  • 申請人符合自僱人士的定義
  • 作為移民程序的一部分,移民局可能會要求與申請人面談(INTERVIEW)。
  • 在面談期間,簽證官會要求申請人解釋:不明確或不一致的信息 或  提供的文件中的缺點或差距等
  • 如申請人的資格聲明與簽證官的評估之間存在差異,簽證官將決定其分數。
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