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A five-year pilot project was launched in 2013 and became an official immigration plan in 2018.

This project is to attract international talents and entrepreneurs with technical expertise and entrepreneurial potential to come to Canada to establish innovative enterprises and settle down, assist Canada in introducing new technological knowledge, create more job opportunities for local residents, and contribute to economic growth and global growth. Contribute to competitiveness.

Applicants must obtain a “Letter Of Support” (Letter Of Support) before they can apply for permanent residents.

The Ministry of Immigration has announced a number of “Designated Organizations” that have been accredited to participate in this program.

Which includes

“Incubating institutions” (Business incubators) [No designated investment amount]

“Venture Capital Funds” [Investment CAD$200,000]

“Angel Investor Group” [Investment CAD$75,000]

Eligibility requirements for the Start-up Visa Program

Applicant must:

  • have a qualifying business
  • have a letter of support from a designated organization

meet the language requirements, ( level of proficiency of at least benchmark level 5 in either official language for all four language skill areas, as set out in the Canadian Language Benchmarks and the Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens.)  and

  • have enough money to settle and live in Canada before you make money from your business

Advantages of Canadian Start-up Immigration Program

  • No management experience required
  • No asset requirements, no need to explain the source of the property, no need for a tax certificate
  • No restrictions on residential area (except Quebec)
  • Applicants are not required to invest with their own funds, only need to obtain the support of designated institutions
  • Applicants can wait for a Maple Leaf Card overseas and then come to Canada to start a business
  • Regardless of whether the business is successful or not, the applicant’s permanent residency status will not be cancelled.
  • One-step Maple Leaf Card as Permanent Residence .
  • Short period, 18-24 months to obtain permanent residency status

加拿大聯邦企業家初創移民簽證 (Start Up Visa)

加拿大聯邦企業家初創移民簽證 (Start Up Visa) 為當地居民創造更多就業機會,並為經濟增長和提高全球競争力做出供獻。透過創業移民Start Up Visa 移民加拿大,適合想快速移民人士,門檻要求寬鬆,同時可居住在加拿大任何地方,多項優點集於一身令此計劃成為加拿大移民熱門方法之一。


加拿大Start Up Visa (SUV)的好處是可以直接獲得永久居留權。與傳統的移民項目相比,無需要事先獲得TRV(臨時旅行簽證)或工作許可。要想獲得申請資格,申請人只需擁有高中畢業或同等學歷,英語或法語達到CLB5級水平,無犯罪記錄,體檢合格,有創新的營商計劃。


  • 高中畢業或同等學歷
  • 英語或法語達到CLB5級水平
  • 申請人和家庭成員必須符合體檢要求
  • 申請人和家庭成員(18歲以上)必須符合沒有犯罪記錄
  • 證明有足夠創業資金(根據商業計劃)及定居費用 (Settlement Fund)
  • 創新的營商計劃
  • 申請人必須獲得「指定機構支持書」(Letter Of Support),才能提出永久居民申請。

移民部已公告了多個已獲認可參與此計劃的「指定提名機構」(Designated Organization)


  • 「育成機構」(Business incubators)                【本公司採用之方法】
  • 「創投基金」(Venture Capital Funds) 【投資 加幣$200,000】
  • 「天使投資人」組織(Angel Investor Group) 【投資 加幣$75,000】


申請Startup Visa加拿大創業移民的您可以在加拿大任何地方自由建立企業,只有魁北克省是唯一的例外。得益於其多功能性,加拿大為企業家和投資者提供的創業簽證不會將您束縛在特定的地點。

  • 如科技行業安大略省將是您在獲得加拿大企業家簽證申請後的最佳地點。
  • 如旅遊利業,不列顛哥倫比亞省擁有令人歎為觀止的風景。
  • 如喜歡小本創業,商業運營成本較低的小鎮,可以考慮新斯科舍省。


  • 一步到位取得楓葉卡, 永久居民簽證
  • 落地後無居住省份要求
  • 無資產要求
  • 無投資額要求
  • 無營業額要求
  • 無需創造就業機會
  • 只需具有創意的商業概念
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